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New Pilates at Home - New Pilates by AD online video training (EN)

Language: English
Duration: 53 min
Level: from Beginner to Advanced
Used accessories: mat, foam roller or chair, band and weight balls (1 kg)

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Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone who are interested in practicing New Pilates at home. Wether you are at beginner or intermediate level this course is right for you.

Why should I take this course?

This course includes various exercises which can be done at home with ease. Start your morning with an exciting training. In the next 1 hour I’m going to show you special exercises which fire not only your major muscles but also your deep ones.

I never focus on one muscle group only rather I developed uniques and complex combinations. By involving ever single muscles can help you you to achieve a balanced and well toned body.

How online courses work?

If you purchase one of our curses you get unlimited access to all the videos which are included (check out the full curriculum). You can watch the videos online as many times as you wish. In order to fully master the movements, you have to repeat them multiple times.